RGCC SA a world-class laboratory which specialises in medical genetics and in particular cancer genetics, providing a global service. By using the most advanced and innovative technologies of molecular and cellular biology, R.G.C.C. International SA manages to overcome some of restrictions that are involved in the analysis of CTCs (Circulating Tumor Cells) and CSCs (Circulating Stem Cells). R.G.C.C. International SAs offering methods in clinical practice such as new and precise assays, risk scale and classification of cancer patients.

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  • People who want to actively engage in reducing their risk of developing cancer in the future
  • People with an increased risk of cancer e.g. due to family history or lifestyle/environmental issues who want the opportunity to engage in a screening programme for early detection and diagnosis
  • People with a current diagnosis of cancer who want more information about treatment options for them as an individual – including natural treatments

Latest Info on CANCER

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    Evaluation of a simple method for storage of blood samples that enables isolation of circulating tumor cells 96 h after sample collection.

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    Detection and identification of bacterial contamination in blood samples from cancer patients.

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    Current perspectives on CHEK2 mutations in breast cancer.

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    Stemness Gene Profiles of Circulating Tumor Cells.

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    L1 retrotransposon expression in circulating tumor cells.

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    Generation of Human Antibodies Against a Specific Peptide: a Novel Strategy Based on Human Cells.

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  • Involvement of retrotransposon L1 in stemness and cellular plasticity

    The study of Tmx2 in self-renewal and pluripotency in breast cancer



Personalized Cancer Care featuring Circulating Tumor Cell analysis

CTCs are cancer cells originated from solid tumor dispersed in the peripheral blood. It is generally explained that these cells are detached from the primary or secondary tumors of patients with advanced cancer prior to detection in the blood circulation. CTCs number is considered very less, with an estimated number of one in 100 million to one in a billion blood cells.

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Circulating Tumour Cells Videos