Medical Questions

CTCs predict the site of relapse and metastases?
Metastat tests provides this information over a period of three years Meta-analysis is conducted comparing CTCs profile and metastases profile in order to detect potent markers that are relevant with the site of relapse.
What techniques were used to overcome the known difficulties of successfully culturing chondrosarcoma cells from a blood test given that the tumor has not metastasized?
The migration from the primary tumor take place relatively early during tumor progression. Almost less than 2mm in diameter the primary tumor already spreads newly form vessels and cells that perform EMT are migrate through them to the circulation.
Why is it that in tissue samples the CTCs number is not indicated?
As the biopsy is already part of the tumor, this means that all the cells are cancerous. For that reason there is no need to search for CTC populations.
Is blood as good as a tissue sample? What are the limitations of using blood?
The main cells of interest in analytic platform are CTCs, which are obtained by negative selection and sorting via flow cytometer (so that we will obtain viable CTCs from a blood sample). In cases like Glioblastomas cancer cells cannot be detected in a blood sample due to blood-brain-barrier and we need a tissue sample in order to be able to proceed with the test.
Do you have any data, published or presented in a medical conference, supporting the outcomes of your tests? Are the R.G.C.C. Group tests FDA approved or approved by the European health committee (EMA)?
There is no analysis assay that can be approved. The only test that is approved is the Cellsearch which enumerates the CTC. The analytic platform of CTCs analysis can be certified only for their accuracy and most of the platforms do, as ours does (ISO/IEC 17025:2005).