Onconomics Plus RGCC Test


Onconomics Plus RGCC Test

What are Identified ?

CTCs (Circulating-Tumor-Cells), Drug Sensitivity,Natural Extract Sensitivity, Genomic profiling

Test Duration

20 days *

Test Type

Pharmacogenetic Test

Sample required

Blood sample

Cancer Type

All type of Cancers

Blood sample Qty

15-20 ml peripheral whole blood


Measures the chemo-sensitivity / chemo-resistance assessment for cytotoxic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules that inhibit specific targets (TKI etc) and the assessment of natural substances and extracts for anticancer potency.

This Test also includes the report of the Genetic Profiling of each and every Tumor related Genes at epigenetic level, helping the Clinicians to open the window for multiple options of the Treatment for the patient.

Viability testing of Chemotherapy drugs.

Genetic profiling for guidance about targeted therapies Eg. Monoclonal antibodies.

Viability testing ( and identification of action ) of natural substance and plant extracts which may be used as part of a complementary treatment strategy.


15 ml of whole blood