Oncocount RGCC Test


Oncocount RGCC Test

What are Identified ?

CTCs (Circulating-Tumor-Cells)

Test Duration

20 days *

Test Type

Primary Assessment

Sample required

Blood sample

Cancer Type

All type of Cancers

Blood sample Qty

15-20 ml peripheral whole blood

Sample Test Report

 Sample Report


This test has as an outcome only the isolation and enumeration of CTCs (it does not include any other information concerning CTCs) immunophenotyping.

This Test helps out in the detection of the CTC’s for the early detection of tumors, as well in the relapse or remission condition.


15 ml of whole blood

  • Pre Test Counseling is given to the patient inorder to determine if CTC test is correct.

  • CTCs can be used to determine improved therapy monitoring.

  • CTCs can be used as a diagnostic and prognostic factor for cancer therapy.

  • CTCs can be used in classification of cancer patients based on risk scale.